I am your photographer, Brittany! 

​I am from a small town in southeast Wyoming. Ever since I can remember I have always had a passion for the livestock and agriculture industry. While growing up, I would spend hours in the barn working with livestock. I found my creative side to pursue photography. I have traveled to numerous states for livestock shows and other types of sessions.

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I am more then your photographer

I am your weather woman, location finder, defender, timeline planner, hype woman, water provider, confidant, and more.

All of this and more I do for you because I love serving.

The Facts

All about the animals

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"I am a dog and horse girl at heart. I have three horses named Misty, Chica and Taz. Two dogs, a corgi named Luna (as in Luna Lovegood) and a black lab named Benelli (yes like the shotgun). They are each amazing animals and they keep me on my toes."

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